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CARDINAL(Red) Malus ‘Cardinal’. PP#7147. Dark purple foliage which holds throughout the summer. One of the best disease resistant varieties. Bright pinkish red bloom and a small deep red fruit. Mature height 15-25’. Zone 4.

1.5" -------- N/A
2" ---------- N/A
2.5" -------- N/A
3" ---------- N/A

HARVEST GOLD(White) Malus ‘Hargozam’ Harvest Gold. A vigorous grower with an upright shape. Large white flowers with a rich gold, small fruit and dark green leaves. Excellent disease resistance. Mature height 20-25’. Zone 4.

  PRAIRIEFIRE- (Deep pink/red) Malus 'Prairifire' Prairifire' is a dense, rounded, deciduous tree which typically grows 15-20' tall with a similar spread. Pinkish-red buds open to slightly fragrant, deep pink-red flowers. Mature height 15-20'. Zone 4-8

1.5" ------- $75.00
  ROBINSON- (Deep Pink) Malus 'Robinson' Deep pink flowers cover an upright, spreading tree in spring. Red fruit clings through the winter providing food for birds. Summer foliage is bronze-green changing to a nice coppery-orange in fall. Mature height 15-25' Zone 4-8

1.5" -------- $75.00
2" ---------- $105.00
  SUGARTYME- (Pale Pink) Malus 'Sutyzam' Lovely pale pink buds open to showy white flowers that completely blanket its upright habit. Red fruit persists through winter. Mature height 15-18' Zone 4-7

1.25" -------$50.00
1.75" -------$90.00
VELVET PILLAR-(Deep Pink) Malus 'Velvetcole'. A fast growing upright shape. Flowers deep pink turning into a small red persistent fruit. Reddish foliage throughout the summer. Very good disease resistance. Mature height 20-25'. Zone 4.

1.75” ------$90.00

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